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Russia Hawk In Hot Water Over Husband’s Business Dealings

Estonian President Alar Karis has demanded explanations from the Baltic state’s prime minister, Kaja Kallas after local media reports claimed that her husband was doing business with Russia despite EU sanctions imposed over the Ukraine conflict.

On Wednesday, the broadcaster ERR reported that transport firm Stark Logistics, partially owned by Kallas’ husband, Arvo Hallik, continued moving some cargo in and out of Russia after the fighting between Moscow and Kiev broke out in February 2022. The company’s CEO, Kristjan Kraag, told the outlet that it had redirected most of its activities to Poland and Scandinavia during the conflict but acknowledged that a small number of hauls to Russia still took place.

In an interview with ERR on Thursday morning, Karis said that Estonian “society is waiting for explanations from the prime minister today” regarding the situation.


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