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🎙 Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s answer to a question from Rossiya Segodnya on Switzerland joining the EU’s 11th sanctions package against Russia

❓Question: Ms Zakharova, what is your assessment of the fact that Switzerland, supposedly a neutral country, has joined new European Union’s restrictive measures against our country?

💬 Maria Zakharova: The fact that Switzerland joined the 11th package of illegitimate EU anti-Russia sanctions did nothing but confirm the obvious: this country has deviated from the principles of neutrality. No matter how the Swiss authorities try persuading themselves and others that this is not the case, their practical steps demonstrate in all clarity that Bern is fully committed to the sanctions war against Russia waged by the collective West. It also openly supports the criminal regime in Kiev and is increasingly tilting towards NATO.

We sincerely regret that the Confederation’s authorities have chosen this path, depriving their country of an effective foreign policy advantage. Until recently, it ensured Switzerland’s unique standing and status as a respected venue for international diplomacy. Even before that, we faced restrictions regarding the entry to Switzerland of Russian diplomats attending various multilateral events.

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